Happy Easter, y’all…

Yeah…I’m not sure where that “y’all” just came from.  Perhaps I’ve been watching too much Hannah Montana…

Despite getting hardly any sleep last night for the following reasons:

  • Despite his smaller size, Boog takes up much more room than Snoop in a bed.
  • Boog sings in his sleep…I heard him whispering “Beat It” and “Nobody’s Perfect” (Hannah Montana for all the non-mommies out there) throughout the night.
  • While Snoop may not look like a lumberjack anymore, he still sounds like one when he snores.
  • Something happened…I believe a cat jumping off the bathroom windowsill and knocking things around…to make my hairdryer turn out at a piercing decibel around 3 AM and scaring the absolute shit out of me.
  • Boog woke up at about 4:30, saying that his “feet were feeling dry” and “needed some water or something.”  I put some lotion on, and he went back to sleep. This is a new thing, and I don’t like it.
  • Skinny anxious dog started barking at something at some point before dawn.

…I still managed to have a fantastic Easter.  The kids found all the eggs hidden by Mr. Bunny, which made me happy because I really didn’t want to find a stinky egg laying around somewhere a few days from now.PhotobucketDespite his belly still being kind of a mess, Boog was very excited about finding all of the eggs, especially the ones he had decorated. Photobucket  I had thought I did good this year at “not going overboard” on the kids’ baskets, but I think I might have been wrong.Photobucket Oops. 

And a few other pics just cause my kids are the cutest things in the entire world, and I like to brag. 

I love this one, cause I can still see my little baby boy…


The two sides of Drama…sweet and sassy…
Photobucket                  Photobucket

And now I’m off to find the rest of that bottle of wine, cause looking at that “sassy” face is enough to make me want a drink.  😉



3 Responses

  1. This new blog thing is fantastic! It makes my “secret internet spying on people” habit much easier. Hopefully Jeremy and I will someday have kids as interesting and adorable as yours…till then, all I would be able to write about my day would probably go something like: “Ate breakfast. Thought about my next snack. Had snack. Thought about lunch choices. Planned dinner while eating said lunch.” Very entertaining stuff here, though!

    p.s. – I love the new hairdo. Very Katie Holmes.
    p.p.s. – The “stuff white people like” page is hilarious… and so true. I thought of the outdoor performance clothes section this weekend, when my mom, my dad, and I all showed up in the morning dressed in our North Face fleece tops. We were very prepared to eat breakfast.

  2. once again you outdid yourself on a great blog. it’s scary how old noah looks. it makes me feel old.

  3. Ok, what Amanda left out about the “hairdryer incident” was that she didn’t take care of it when it went off. Instead of getting up and turning it off she sat up and SCREAMED at the top of her lungs so loud that the only thing I could think of was that a burgler had broken into our house and was in our bedroom. I jumped up, had no clue what was going on, and wandered helplessly into the bathroom still not knowing why I was up. After standing there in a stuper for a few seconds the cob webs cleared and I realized what was going on, turned the hairdryer off and attempted to get back to sleep ON THE FLOOR. Yes, I was on the floor, because Boog puked all over his bed, the father in law was going back and forth between the living room couch and my recliner, and the mother in law was taking up the playroom. Yep, that leaves me left with the floor. Lucky me.

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