Loft beds are no fun…

…when you have to climb the ladder to hoist a vomit covered child out of his puddle of pea/ravioli/chocolate chip cookie spewage, clean him up, change his clothes, tuck him into your bed that you were so looking forward to climbing into with a former lumberjack because the sheets were all nice and new and clean and ready for possible lovin’, hose the vomit chunks off of the sheets into the back yard, throw pile of sheets, pajamas, vomit smeared clothing (yours, no less), and 348 stuffed animals into the washing machine, drink a beer (well…ok, that’s always fun), and go upstairs to share the bed with a sort-of stinky, squirmy, kicking 6 year old that talks in his sleep, with said ex-lumberjack snoring on the floor beside you because the couch isn’t available because your insane children used the air mattress as a trampoline and your mom doesn’t want to sleep in a semi-deflated queen-sized cocoon again tonight.

Oh well.  At least we had beer.


4 Responses

  1. Touche

  2. Gotta love the extra loads of laundry! I think my totaly was 10 a few weeks ago with all three other family members spweing their brains all over my house!

    … Why didn’t I think to have a beer or two while doing all that laundry? …

    ~Scrapy BlogHopping

  3. Eww. I can smell the vomit through my monitor, seriously. That sucks.

  4. that’s the funniest shit I’ve read in a while because we had the SAME THING happen to us about 6 months ago… minus the loft bed… plus an additional puke in our bed. Nice, huh? I LOVE your blog and I enjoy reading it!

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