Dear Snoop,

I really am sorry about eating your candy bar.  You really had done a nice job of hiding it, which may actually be one of the reasons I believed it to be mine.  Why else would I find a half eaten candy bar in the freezer?  I must have misplaced it sometime in the last few months while you were gone.  I know the Peanut Butter egg peace offering I extended isn’t the same as your frozen piece of heaven, but hopefully you understand.  It’s not actually my fault…if I come across peanut butter or chocolate, it isn’t physically possible for me to refuse them . Particularly when they are frozen together.  You know this about me.  Next time you have something that you know I cannot resist, you might want to try concealing it.  Try the frozen broccoli/cheese thingy.  I have been able to pass that over for about a year now. 

Happy Easter Babe! I love you!


3 Responses

  1. Ok, I DID hide it until I ate half of it last night. Then I just thought that it would be safe enough until tonight just hanging out with the butter in the fridge until I could SAVOR the rest of it. Oh, how I was wrong. I guess I’ll forgive you….Just like I forgave you for eating ALL of the really expensive chocolate crap I got you for Valentines Day. I only asked you to save me ONE of each of the kinds, so that I could try them and that just seemed to be too much to ask. When it comes to chocolate and/or peanut butter…..nothing surprises me with you. I love you too babe. Happy Easter

  2. I like to hide my candy with the cleaning supplies, you should try there Snoop. 🙂

  3. Good Idea Teri. It would be a lot less likely for Amanda to find something in there….hahahaha

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