Just when I’d thought I’d won….

field mouse

Put your battle gear on, Mr. Mouse’s friends. You’re going down.
I was leisurely packing Boog’s lunch tonight and opened the cabinet to get a ziploc bag for his carrot sticks to find one of Mr. Mouse’s good friends staring me down. The little shit didn’t budge, and we had a brief stare-down before I slammed to door and shouted what I believe was the eqivalent of “WHAT THE FUCK???” Not two seconds later, I see him (or his clone…all those incestuous field mice look the same) running along the baseboard of the cabinets. My dog looks at it, looks at me, and I yell, “No, No, NOOOOOOO.” Why did I do this? Skinny dog is a hound…bred to kill foxes and shit…she could’ve totally taken down a field mouse! I guess I just didn’t want to hear the battle or clean up the aftermath. The mouse disappeared and I proceeded to set the two new traps I bought today. I hate this…Snoop insists we “don’t need a f’in exterminator,” but I’m sorry…this is not normal. If in three (or four…who knows at this point) days, when he gets home he is killing these things left and right…I’m calling Mr. Mouse Killer-man. I do NOT like knowing that these things are here. They’re stinking cute, with their big sad eyes and sticky-uppy ears…but they do not belong under my sink. Ew. Just EW.
I’m sorry Mr. Mouse’s friend. You are a cute sonofabitch, but you cannot continue to shit in my house.


5 Responses

  1. Did you get another one yet? I’ll be home in less than 2 days and I’ll take over mouse murdering duties gladly.

  2. I cant believe the little shits came back. I actually think Anna saw one yesterday cause she kept saying, hi mouse, we thought it was just her fever(spiked to 104.3, very scary), and she was trying to say hi alice! How delightful for you to have such furry little creatures for sadie to play with!

  3. You need to figure out where the little f*ckers are coming in at. Then seal up the holes with steel wool and foil until you can buy this toxic foam stuff. You spray it into holes and crevices all over your house. That’s the only way I got rid of them. Oh and lay out poison where the kiddies can’t reach.

    Want me to drive to Radio’s parents, get his shot gun and then come kill them for you? It’s the least I could do. It might take a few days but SC is out on spring break and I’m bored with Radio a thousand miles away….

  4. Just thought I’d say Amen to your blog, or else there would be a school shooting (read: I am ready to shoot myself in the head in the middle of my third grade scrambling about the computer lab). I need a drink. And it’s not even 3:30. lol. *LOVE* the blog!

  5. arghhh..i HATE mice. Hate hate hate. With a house that is 80+ years old, we cannot completely rid ourselves of them. Ick. I share your pain!

    blog hoppin’

    three martini mommy

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