Procrastination? Maybe…

My to do list…

~~and how I am tackling it~~

1. Laundry (to include putting it in the washer, fluffing the wrinkly stuff in the dryer, folding, and putting away)  

~~Kicking laundry pile out of my way to go and glare at the wrinkly load in the dryer, then stepping over same pile when I decide not to fluff laundry because I have no available basket to put it it~~

2. Clean the kitchen

~~Keeping the light off in the kitchen~~

3. Picking up the scraps of whatever that is that the dogs chewed while we were gone.

~~Yelled at dogs. Left pieces there for them to continue to chew in the hopes that if the pieces get small enough I won’t notice them anymore.~~

4. Uncover dining room table.

~~Avoiding dining room~~

5. Check to see if the vacuum is truly broken, or just overheated.

~~Looked at vacuum.  Put handle extension thingy back in proper place after telling Boog it wasn’t a sword~~

6. Vacuum or look for a new vacuum

~~Being thankful that the sun is setting, because it makes the dirt and dog hair less visible~~

7. Sweep the wood floors

~~Wearing socks while I walk around~~

8. Mop the wood floors

~~Stepping in puddles around the dogs’ water bowl in socks while walking around~~

9. Engage in something productive with children.

~~Pushing play on DVD player, popping popcorn~~

10. Make dinner.

11. Call animal control about that horrific horse “farm” I visited today.

~~pushing thoughts of horses out of my head because it’s making me too sad~~

12. Clean downstairs bathroom.

~~Peeing upstairs~~

13. Change the sheets on the beds.

~~Remembering it makes more sense to just wait til Wednesday to do this so they’re fresh for Snoop~~

14. Pick up all the crap from the back yard that got blown around.

~~Thinking it will probably just blow around again~~

15. Call Stacey to see what we’re going to do tomorrow.

~~Waiting for her to call me~~

16. WORK…I have two reports and one treatment plan that needed to be done last week.

~~Avoiding thinking about this because it causes my heart to race~~

17. Cleaning the oven.

~~Thinking about if there’s an instruction manual that came with the oven somewhere, if “self-cleaning” means I really don’t have to do anything and if I do then it’s not really self-cleaning and I’ll probably have to go buy some sort of product/chemical and I’m not going out anymore today so really…this should be taken off the list.~~


3 Responses

  1. 18. Calling my bflmnop later.

    This will be my one chore that is unacceptable if not completed.

  2. I am SUCH a laundry fluffer too. I also love nighttime because then my walls look clean. I purposely keep all blinds closed during the day because then the house doesn’t look as dirty.

    Treatment plans, eh? I used to do treatment plans….

  3. I’ve been living ini this shithole over here for long enough that our dirty sheets at home will feel like they just came out of the laundry. Don’t worry and stress about the house babe. I’m taking off a week or so and I can clean up a bit. Just relax and enjoy me coming home.

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