I believe I just overheard the last moments of Mr. Mouse’s life.  I took my virus-laden children to the store today and invested in some better traps.  I just set them about 15 minutes ago, and was writing a note to Boog’s teacher when I heard the “SNAP,” followed by a few seconds of scratching and a tiny little squeak.  I’m not a masochist…I swear.  I actually have a lot of respect for Mr. Mouse. Just not when he shits in my house.  I’m a little freaked out to go check right now, because as happy as I am that he may be gone, I don’t actually want to see him dying.  That would probably make me cry, and dammit…I really don’t want to cry.  I have a wonderful bottle of wine waiting for me to enjoy.  Perhaps after my first glass or two, I’ll investigate…


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  1. SEE!!!! I told you. Who needs a stinkin exterminator?

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