Bad mommy???

So am I an awful mother because I’m not taking Drama to the doctor?  I mean…I know she has the flu.  The only symptom she was missing was the nausea, but then she puked a few times this morning, so… But honestly…I hate our pediatrician’s (note to self…call around and find new one).  We always have to wait at least 45 minutes, and that’s when we havean appointment.  I think the fastest they ever saw me as a walk-in was 2 hours.  So I am not doing that…with two sick kids in tow.  Well, it’s more like 1 1/2 sick kids.  Boog’s still tired, but the fever is gone and I think he’s mostly just kinda playing it up since I let him stay home from school.  My mom just doesn’t understand why I don’t want to take her, just to “find out” for sure if that’s what it is.  Honestly…I don’t care!  I don’t need to wait 2 hours and fork over a co-pay for a doctor to tell me “yes…it’s the flu” so I can come home, let her rest, keep her hydrated, and keep the fever under control with tylenol.  I can do that for free, without changing out of my pjs.  Obviously, if the fever continues for another day or 2 like this, I’ll take her, but I just don’t see the point right now.  People are just too damn quick to run to the doctor over everything!  I’m confident in my mothering skills, but then there’s that little insecure person in my head that keeps going “you’re a bad mommy! Your daughter is sick…take her to the doctor!”  Damn that little voice. 

 Well…my confidence was just restored again when Drama looked up at me with her sick little eyes, curled up on my lap under a blanket, and said in her weak, hoarse voice, “Mommy…you are my favorite medicine.”  Ha ha ha little voice.  A doctor can’t prescribe that!


4 Responses

  1. you are not a bad mommy. most times illnessess work themselves out, especially when it comes to the flu. i got your back. however you are a bad best friend. i noticed in the post previous to this you referred to your lap top as your best friend. i feel so betrayed…

  2. smack the shit out of your little voice. You’re a great mother and I agree with you 100% in that you don’t need to take the kids to the Dr. every time they puke or have a fever for a day. If the fever gets worse then, sure, take her in, but if she’d just sick and tired from being sick…….she’ll be fine and they really can’t do anything other than what you’re already doing.

  3. My mom is the same way. Doctors are not magic, and it’s not like you don’t know what to do. But my mom needs the official diagnosis from the doctor. I think she hopes he will magically heal the child on the spot!

    Blog Hopping as Stella

  4. thats for sure, dude

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