Maybe I should’ve believed him…

Boog woke up this morning, and told me he had a sore throat.  He told me this, along with things like “my eyes can’t open,” “my legs don’t work in the morning,” “I don’t think school is open today,” and “The cat will be so sad if I get out of bed, and I don’t want him to be sad.”  So I didn’t feel too bad about ignoring his “sore throat,” giving him a dash of Tylenol to pacify him, and sending him on his merry way to school.  Then when I dropped off Drama at preschool, she was not quite herself…said she was tired cause “bad things were in her head while I was trying to sleep,” and cried like I haven’t seen in ages when I left.  I again, blew off her whining as being just that…and went to work.  Fast forward eight hours.  I walk into Boog’s class at the after-school program and his teachers tell me he’s been “not right” all afternoon and didn’t want to play outside…opting instead to sleep on the picnic table bench.  He looked AWFUL walking toward me, and when I asked what was wrong he said, “Can I please go to bed early?”  OK…something’s wrong.  We walk to Drama’s classroom, where he promptly sits down on the floor outside of the door.  I go in to get her, and she’s laying in a beanbag looking like a beat up rag doll.  The teacher tells me she’s also been “not right” all day (is this official teacher lingo?), and took a 2 1/2 hour nap.  Something is definitely wrong now…that girl hates taking naps.  She felt warm, and the teacher tells me she’s had a 101.5 fever all day…just under the “cutoff” to call mom.  I think this is a stupid rule…I’d still like to know, even if I don’t have to pick her up! I picked her up…carried her out the door, where I found Boog asleep on the floor.  Ended up carrying them both out to the car, and they both said they wanted to go home and rest.  This is all terrible timing, because I am beyond backed up at work, and scheduled to be the child therapist on an evaluation tomorrow.  Luckily my co-workers are all amazing, and were completely understanding when I called them to say I had a feeling I won’t be there tomorrow.  We got home, took medicine, and they collapsed on the couch, where they’ve been been moaning for the last hour about sore throats, bellies that don’t feel good, coughs, fevers, and “hurting bodies.”  Now…I’m not a doctor, but this sounds like the flu to me.  Dammit.  I brought this on myself, ya know.  Because 3 days ago, I was spouting off my mouth about how I don’t agree with flu shots for my kids because they have such “amazing” immune systems and haven’t been sick (aside from a runny nose or diarrhea or something super minor) since they were really young.  Ha. Guess I got that one wrong, huh?  And I guess it was pretty stupid of me to NOT bring home all that work today because I was “confident” I could finish it after the evaluation tomorrow.  And of course this was the day I decided to surprise the kids by ordering pizza and cinna sticks for dinner.  And I decided not to go to the store for dog food and mouse traps on my lunch break today because I could “definitely” do it tomorrow.  Grrrr… >-(

Aside from the whole death-warmed-over kids thing, though…today was a pretty good day.  Maybe because I got all of that bitching  venting out in my last post.  Or maybe because I decided to start my new routine of waking up at 5 AM to work out.  Or maybe because it’s only a week until Snoop arrives in country.  Whatever the reason…I felt damn good after work.  I even felt motivated to work out again tonight, but immediately dismissed this as ridiculous.  But considering I have a large pizza and cinna sticks sitting in front of me, and no kids willing to help me eat it, I just may need to get back in that frame of mind. 

I have a feeling I’ll be back.  I can’t handle two sick kids alone tonight, and sadly…this cute little laptop is my best friend. 


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  1. My poor kiddos and my poor wife. I SO wish I was there to help out. I miss you guys. MUAH!

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