A rant, of sorts…

I Quit!

Amen Santa. I have had so many things today piling up and pissing me off and I’m at that point where I just want to look everyone in the face and yell “Fuck you!!!”  Fuck you needy client at work that has no respect/understanding of legal and/or ethical boundaries, confidentiality, or anything else that could potentially make me lose my job if I didn’t stay on top of things.  Fuck you boss for saying that I am doing an “amazing job” so you’d like to pile more duties on me. Fuck you 11 year old boy that whistled at me in the middle school class I was observing, and fuck you squared to the girl who said “dude…she’s old!”  Fuck you to Latin American economics, because I had to do an observation in a Social Studies class today and was so bored that I wanted to start exhibiting behavior problems.  Fuck you lady in the red car who nearly ran me off the road twice today, and fuck you lady at the Taco Bell drive thru that couldn’t understand my order until I repeated it 3 times and still managed to screw it up and give me the wrong change.  Fuck you ranch dressing for shooting your spout off, soaking me in dressing. Fuck you bulimic cat for regurgitating your food right onto my sock and then covering it with my jeans.  Fuck you OCD for making my son act like a damn lunatic sometimes, and fuck you anxiety for allowing him to have such a deep effect on me.  Fuck you Little Mermaid for singing the most annoying song in the world….all night…from my daughter’s bedroom.  Fuck you treadmill for taunting me from the playroom.  Fuck you lexapro for still allowing me to have days like this…you are fired.  And fuck you Xanax for not picking up the slack! Fuck you Ambien for what I’m sure will be my 4 AM wake up call.  Fuck you laundry for continuing to pile up, and fuck you reports sitting in my work bag that are NOT writing themselves.  Fuck you Disney for making the tiniest and most annoying little dress up dolls ever, with shoes that are impossible to find when they drop on a carpet..until they stab you in the foot hours later. Fuck you worlds smartest and most annoying mouse for snacking on the peanut butter again and turding inside my cabinet again.  Fuck you skinny dog for pissing on my floor this morning and making it smell fantastic in here.  Fuck you Drake Hogeston for talking in that voice while you do your smell the fart acting.  Fuck you writers of Days of our Lives for brainwashing me into believing that I have to watch this nonsense.  And lastly, fuck you to anyone that doesn’t like my new hair.  Cause it rocks.

Wow…that felt good.  If you survived…thanks for listening!tired


4 Responses

  1. fuck you amandashead for making me say fuck 345 times

  2. oi!!!!! i think i need an “f bomb” detox!!!!

  3. Fuck ME…that was hilarious! LOLOLOL. Oh, and I’ll add one to you. Fuck you to MY job for putting me in with an 8 year old boy with ADHD, ED, Conduct Disorder AND Childhood Psychosis, in a regular ed classroom, FULL TIME, with NO PRIOR AIDE. Lovin’ life. You rock! ❤

  4. I can add to that….it’s a good on…


    My thoughts on YOU’RE “fuck you’s”. So, the treadmill was “taunting” you? I’ll have a talk with it when I get home. I told you I can “take care of” the cats, but you said that I couldn’t. I’d have to say I REALLY don’t miss John Black and his smell the fart acting. GOD that’s so annoying. Who said anything bad about your new haircut, because I’d have to say that that person can kiss my ass. They’re certifiable, because I think it is completely sexy and LOVE it. I can’t wait to get home and run my fingers through your hair. I miss you and love you so much babe.


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