Mr. Mouse. I am really not happy now.  You were supposed to eat the peanut butter and then die.  Not eat the peanut butter, shit on the trap, and escape. You must not understand this game.  If you continue this nonsense, I’m going to have to sic my daughter on you.  She was upset at not seeing her first dead mouse, and threatened “if I see him, I’m going to punch him in his mouse face and put him right on the trap.”  Be afraid, Mr. Mouse.  Be very afraid. 


5 Responses

  1. CRAP!!! i just realized that I’m commenting on here again after I SWORE I wouldn’t until you put a picture of me on your “pimpin” page. That’s ok…you can hide me from the world….it doesn’t hurt my feelings 😦

    Oh, and you should have just used the traps that I already had. They were tried and proven effective 5 times over.

  2. i don’t know if i am laughing harder at the fact that the mouse shit on your mouse trap or the fact that matt rubbed it in that his traps are 5 times effective than yours. you two sound like an old married couple even in blogs. too cute!!!

  3. I was just saying that I had traps that I was using over and over again. I caught like 5 mice last year in the garage with the same trap. Why mess with what works?

  4. That little sweet girl would never harm anorther living creature, right???!!! Gotta love a chic with a tough streak!

  5. I have a strange feeling that Mr. Mouse is going to lose this battle!

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