Stupid daylight savings…

I’m sitting up…dreading the time change, and hoping to lull myself to sleep with boring shit online. So I took a quiz, and came up with this:

Who the hell is that??? I don’t know if that’s suitable, but he’s not very cute. And physical attraction ranks high in my book, so I don’t put much stock in these Internet surveys. Let’s try another…

So apparently…

That’s actually pretty funny, given my recent horrendous drunken karaoke experience on the cruise ship! Hey, at least he didn’t tell me I looked like a bushbaby, right?

Do I hear another???
I do love Dancing with the Stars. It’s a family obsession around here. And I’m pleased to say that…

Cause, damn…that man (waxed chest and all) is hot. But not hot enough to be added to the previous list. But dominatrix-style? I don’t know… The last time I tried that, it didn’t turn out so well.  But who knows…maybe with Max in my corner it would.

Anyway…that was a stupid entry.  But it’d be silly to waste my time, so I may as well post it.  I need to get to bed…the hellions angels will be up in a matter of hours.


2 Responses

  1. your new tv boyfriend is not hot. you are right. and i think simon caught a glimpse of your last cruise ship performance.

  2. i love some max!!!! oh, and as far as i’m concerned….the dressing up was funny!!! you look hot in all over leather——>with a split!

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