Laminate that…

I’m stealing this idea from the coolest smart-ass luvah over at A Whole Lot of Nothing. For those of you who know every Friends episode (and to those who don’t…shame on you!) this is the list of famous people that, should they choose to drop by, you are completely allowed to have your way with…no questions asked. Snoop and I have discussed our lists for years, but I don’t know that I’ve ever made a hard copy so I feel this is a perfect opportunity. And you better believe I’m making good use of my laminater at work 😉

1. Adam Sexiest-mo-fo-alive Levine:

Snoop says he’s too skinny and looks gay, but ya know what…this is MY list. Listening to this man makes my mind go to all sorts of naughty places…
Adam Levine

2. Jon Bon Jovi:
I have been fantasizing about this man since I was about 8 years old…he was sexy with the big teased hair, and like a fine wine…he gets better and better every year… And I know as soon as he can figure out how to break it to Dorthea, we will finally be together.
Jon Bon Jovi

3. David Beckham:
Trendy? Perhaps. But I don’t give a shit…this man is fine. And, for the record…that’s my bed he’s on 😉
david beckham

4. James Scott:
He plays the sexiest “bad boy” on Days of our Lives, he’s British, and he’s phenomenal. I would give anything to hear him say my name in his hot accent…
Ej Wells

5. Justin Timberlake:
Good God…I really can’t say much more. He makes me want to get naked.
justin timberlake

6. Sarah Shahi:
This may be the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. I cried when she left The L Word, and I have mourned the loss with every episode. Should she show up at my door, I will have to lock Snoop in the closet…cause dammit…she’s mine.  And no, Bootyfull, you can’t have her either.
Sarah Shahi 1
7. Joel McHale:
He’s not what many would consider to be extremely “sexy,” but this man makes me laugh harder than almost anyone every Friday Night (The Soup), and he has slowly become a regular guest star in my naughty place…
Joel Mchale

8. Johnny Depp
Honestly…what woman in her right mind wouldn’t want him? He is just as sexy now as he was when I had his Teen Beat centerfolds plastered on my wall…
johnny depp

9. Drew Barrymore:
This girl’s been on my list ever since I can remember. While I am not obsessed with her like I was at one time…I still think we would be the best of friends. With benefits. 😉
Drew Barrymore

10. Jason Lewis:
Thank God for Sex and the City. I enjoyed every moment of his naked body…
Jason Lewis

Aaaaahhh…after all those pics I think i need to excuse myself for a cold shower. And then call my voice mail at work to remind myself to warm up the laminator.


3 Responses

  1. i just got an erection from jon bon jovi. what the $%@#? i never knew he could be hotter than i already thought he was. that was by farthest the pic on there even better than my number one justin.

  2. OH, MAMA. That is one good list.

    Adam Levine – he’s on my list, just not laminated
    Jon Bon Jovi – btw, that’s not him in the pic – it’s Photoshoppped – any REAL girlfriend would know that. 😉
    Beckham – swoooon…
    James Scott – don’t know him, but I wanna
    JT – loooooooove…..
    Sarah Stahl – that waist tattoo of hers is sexxxy – glad to find another lay-day who likes the LWord. Shane=CrazySexy
    Joel McHale=Jimmy Fallon
    Johnny Depp – my version of Tom C – crazy, but H.O.T.
    Drew Barrymore – I SO agree about the friends w/ benefits. She has nice boobies.
    Jason Lewis – a whole lotta good looking man

    Thanks for stealing my idea that I stole!

  3. Joel, Drew and Jason Lewis. mmmm.

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