Just a regular evening at home…

Today is two weeks until Snoop’s return.  The for-real, for-goodreturn. spent the better part of the last 3 years deployed to Iraq and/or Afghanistan and we decided that enough is enough and he’s done with these long trips.  So anyway… at dinner I told Dramamama that it was He’s only 14 days til Daddy came home.  She was happier than I think I have ever seen her…screaming & writhing around like an epileptic banshee.  She started  yelling, “He is the best daddy in the whole world and the best friend in the whole wide world and the best husband in the whole wide world!!!”  (we’ll see if that last part of the statement is true after he completes reads the honey-do list)  Boog agreed with this, then thought for awhile and said “Well…until I’m a husband anyway.  Then I’ll be the best.”  I’ve already shared this with Snoop, and he’s agreed to step off the throne when the time comes. 

Boog has been working furiously on a project all evening.  He does this…gets an idea in his head and becomes completely obsessed with it, but rarely shares what this idea is with me until it isn’t working how he wanted it at which point he freaks out.  We’ve been working on this a lot lately…calmly asking for help…along with explaining what it is you’re working toward.  So tonight he was upstairs and yells down “Mom…I need you to help me please.”  He couldn’t quite tell me what he needed help with, but the fact that he asked nicely was such a nice change.  I headed up to help him, and found him in his underwear.  He said he needed help “making something like what they wear in Egypt or Africa or something.”  I told him lots of people in Africa were just naked, so he didn’t need my help for this.  (he didn’t appreciate my humor) I tried to have him explain, and after a lot of disorganized gestures and sound effects, I think he’s looking for a toga sort of thing.  Nothing was “working”…pillowcases were too thin, sheets were too long, blanket was too thick and heavy… and he started really getting upset.  Finally genius Mommy got him calmed down enough to let me try something (this is also a huge step…if he has it in his mind it won’t work, even the idea of trying is melt-down worthy) and we created what I think may be the best Egyptian toga-esque article of clothing ever out of a beach towel and a hair tie.  He went to his “project,” which turns out was a camel (duh mom), and rode off into the sunset. 
Photobucket You can’t fully appreciate it in the dark, blurry, cell-phone picture…but I had to capture it while it lasted.  Of course, Drama needed to do this as well so I then had to construct another…smaller…toga.  She hopped on the back of the camel and they played very nicely together…”driving to the pyramids” for about 2 minutes.  Then Boog stood up, said “we’re here,” and took off the toga.  Oh well…at least he appreciated it while it lasted.

I was going to go give Drama a bath right now, but she just informed me that she doesn’t need one because “Skinny dog already gave me a bath with her spit.”  I didn’t really want to do it anyway.


5 Responses

  1. Your stories are great! T-minus 14 days. Yay for you!

  2. sorry boog, you look more like a grecian than egyptian… great story tho

  3. I’m not commenting anymore until my picture graces the top of the page with the rest of the family……..

  4. His face is priceless. But, my dear, it is “throne”…lolol. ;p

  5. My kids are filthy. Can I borrow your dog?


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