So proud of my Booger…

Let me just start this entry by saying that I am sooooo proud of my little Booger.  He’s got OCD along with general anxiety (he can thank his Mom for those genes!), and along with the help of the greatest therapist ever, has has come such a long way in the last few months.  I’ve learned so much about him, he’s learned even more about hiimself, and he’s honestly like a different kid than he was 6 months ago.  Of course we still have bumps in the road…but who doesn’t? One thing that he really needs is predictability and a consistent routine.  If there’s going to be a change…no matter how small…we work on the “preparation” for quite awhile.  He’s really been doing great, but I thought for sure today was going to be a major setback.  I had planned to pick him up from school…which he gets SO excited about…so he and we could go get him some new shoes and have a little Mommy/Booger time.  He checked about a million times this morning to make sure the note was there for his teacher, then kissed me goodbye with the biggest smile on his face and said “see you at pick up!”  I got to work, and found out that I had an appointment with a client (which my office manager did NOT bother to tell me when I called yesterday to make sure I didn’t have anything on my schedule this afternoon…grrr…) and wouldn’t be able to pick him up after all.  I emailed his teacher explaining the situation, and she broke the news to him. She told me he was “upset, but held it together” and I was freaking out all day that he was going to completely fall apart when he got home.  I was still able to pick him up from his after-school program earlier than usual, and he met me with the same huge smile I saw when I kissed him goodbye this morning.  I apologized, and he said “it’s alright Mom…things happen, right?” Wow.  I almost fell over in shock.  I’ve been trying to teach him that sometimes things happen that can’t be predicted, and it’s OK…the world will not end if things don’t go exactly how you had planned.  And apparently it actually sunk in.  He even endured a trip to Wal-Mart, which is hard for anyone.  Thank God I had taken a xanax in preparation for the meltdown that wasn’t…cause I sure needed one in that place. 

Oh, and Dramamama was happy as usual today.  Especially in Wal-Mart, because she got to hug the giant Hannah Montana poster on the way in AND out.

The obsession has to stop.


5 Responses

  1. I am really, really impressed and happy to hear about his progress! Yet these stories make me so mad…I miss them so much. I can’t picture him as a *kid*…he will always be that sweet little boy dancing to the Wiggles in his Buzz pull-up to me. 😥

  2. Correction: That was supposed to be “….these stories make me so Sad…” This work week has my brain fried. Is it Friday yet?!

  3. Oh, I see what I have to look forward to!! At least I can lean on you for some advice down the road……keep these blogs as a reference 🙂

  4. That’s my boy. That’s how he usually is when it’s just the two of us. He’s such an amazing kiddo. I miss the little Hannah Montanna fiend too.

    Ok, I’ve commented on EVERY single one of your blogs and I’m STILL not blessed with a picture on your supposedly “pimped out” page? Oh no… come the tears.

  5. you should send that pic with a little explanaton to hannah’s fan website…sucking them in young!!! i really miss them!

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