Random thoughts…

~~Why did the hours between 6:30 and 7:30 draaaaaaaaaag on to the point where I want stab myself in the arm with a ballpoint pen just for some excitement, but as soon as the kids go to sleep time seems to be set on warp speed??

~~What the hell is wrong with the girls on Rock of Love?  Not that Bret Michaels is such a gem (tho about 20 years ago, I sure thought he was!), but seriously….do they have any pride? It’s ridiculous.

~~What the hell was I Santa thinking when Ihe got an Easy Bake Oven for Dramamama?! I remember having one and loving it, but I can’t for the life of me figure out why.  I’m sorry, Mom, for ever making you endure the suffering.  I thought Drama had forgotten about it, and I had “hidden” it upstairs quite successfully for the last 2 months.  But of course, she found the little baker’s hat in her room, which reminded her of the oven and she begged and pleaded to do it today.  Since I’m the bestest mommy in the world, I agreed.  And I hated every long minute of it. To begin with…”Easy Bake Oven” is a total misnomer.  It is neither Easy nor does it Bake.  It took us nearly an hour (in which time I could’ve made about 40 yummy Betty Crocker cupcakes in my perfectly fine oven), and this is what we came up with:

That, just in case it isn’t obvious, is my serving of a “rainbow cake” with vanilla icing.  It was among the most foul things I have ever eaten.  I think the Easy Bake is going to die.

~~Why do some people, who deserve nothing but the best in life, always get served giant helpings of shit on a stick?

~~Anyone with a furry animal needs to buy the “fur buster.”  Thank you to my friend Kathleen for the recommendation.  It is the most fantastic brush I have ever found, and I think each of my cats has lost about 2 pounds in the last 2 days.  I think this might actually put a stop (or at least slow down) the amount of vomiting from my attention seeking bulimic cat.  I wanted to find a pic for you all, so you knew exactly what to look for, but I wasn’t able to find one on photobucket.  I did, however, find this when I looked up “fur buster.”  I don’t know what the hell it is, but it made me smile…
Buster 2   Honestly, what is that, and who made it?

~~Snoop…you need to get your arse home.  We miss you. 😦

~~I’m off to drink the last of my wine.  Yes…I know I wrote a Dear John letter, but there was a little left and honestly…it does make more sense to just get it out of the house now.  Right? 


4 Responses

  1. PURE GENIUS!!!!

  2. Love the ramblings here…I pray my daughter never gets an easy bake oven. If she does, it’s going right back to the store. :0)

  3. Post-completion of this blog entry all I can say is that I love you. ❤

  4. I still have yet to see the easy bake in action. Why was I not blessed with one of it’s creations while I was at home? Big pile of shit or not….. I want some, because it’s from my little angel. I iss you guys.

    What IS a fur buster exactly? Did you ever get a new vacuum after you destroyed yet another one of ours?

    Why did you say you miss me at the end after you put up that really gay picture of the rainbow cat? Was it because you knew that I’d laugh at it, rolll my eyes, and comment on how incredibly GAY it is? That made you think of me….awwww baby you’re so sweet.

    I love you

    P.S. I want the rainbow back. You can’t have ALL the colors. I’m taking it back.

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