It’s Saturday. Yippee.

I remember…back in the day…Saturday mornings were kinda nice.  Snoop and I could sleep in…lay around as long as we wanted…watch what we wanted to watch on TV…nurse hangovers with soda and taco bell (or breakfast pizza delivered at 4PM).  We didn’t have to do a damn thing if we didn’t want to.  Not anymore.  Saturday mornings suck.  Why is it that I have to drag the kids out of bed by their toenails Monday-Friday, but on Saturdays…they are up and full of energy at 6:00? Grrrr…  I have been able to pacify them with TV and food for a few hours now (bad mommy!), but it’s only a matter of time before the whining starts.  Then I’ll have to drag my ass off the couch (where I slept all night after enjoying a yummy bottle of wine), find clothes that fit over my bloated gut, pray the makeup works its magic on the scary sight I just saw in the bathroom mirror, and get ready for a day full of fun activities like scooping up dog shit, taking the crazy animals to the groomer, cleaning this disaster of a house, and doing something “fun” like riding bikes or jumping on the trampoline.  Damn. Snoop, you better get your ass home soon, cause I’m due for a sleep-in day. 

We have had some good conversations, tho.  Most recently, we were talking about growing up.  This was sparked by my whining about being old, and attempts to convince the kids that laying on the couch all day with the dogs really can be fun.  Dramamama wants to be a “mommy and a teacher,” which has been pretty consistent for a long time now.  She’ll be a great mommy, and she loves to show off how smart she is, so I’m sure her career in teaching will be a success.  Boog sways back and forth, but this morning he sounded pretty confident.  “I want to be a dad, a cop, and a ninja.”  I told him that sounded great, and he’d be a busy guy.  He thought for a few minutes, then told me “Actually, I think I’m going to wait on the dad one.”  I said that might be a good idea, and he answered, “Yeah, cause being a parent looks like it’s a lot of work.  So I’ll just stick to being a cop and a ninja.”  At least he appreciates the work I do…even if this morning it has pretty much consisted of letting the dogs in and out (about 37 times), pouring him a bowl of cheerios, and changing the channel on the TV to something that will hopefully buy me a few extra minutes of rest. 

I just reminded the kids that we had to leave to take the dogs to get a bath (I really hate paying for this…but I refuse to attempt to bathe a 110 pound dog only to find out halfway through that it’s not going to work and then have to figure out what the hell to do with a shampoo-y fat ass canine) and Drama told me “I really am excited ya know!”  I never know with her if she’s commenting on the current topic, or one of the hundreds of other thoughts she has in her head at any given moment, so I asked what she was excited about.  “To take the dogs to the groover!”  The groover…sounds kinda fun when you put it that way.  Too bad it’s going to suck.


5 Responses

  1. in your channel surfing for the kids today, did you stop on any puca. a good old santa ninja in march could take away any saturday blues.

  2. Ah, the ruined weekends. The joy of being a parent.

    Blog hopping–HP

  3. Sounds like Saturdays at my house. And I am so with you on the getting up early on Saturday but dragging them out of bed during the week. What’s up with that? Sigh. Maybe I should’ve been a ninja.

  4. “Groover”, I love it!!

    Happy Saturday! Blog Hoppin’! 🙂
    “Margarita Mom”

  5. Oh, how I DO miss the 4pm breakfasts. You were sweet most of the time and ran out and picked us up some greasy ass fast food crap too. It was either that or pizza. You’re the greatest babe.

    On the morning thingy. I don’t mind getting up with the kiddos most mornings, because I miss them so much. However, they are perfectly capable of entertaining themselves for an hour or two while we BOTH sleep in. You know how I run things when I’m home. But as soon as I get home I’ll probably have trouble sleeping in, because I’ll just be so excited to get up on the weekends and jump on the trampoline. Can’t wait!!!!

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