Dear Pandora Internet Radio,

One of the selling points of your radio is the ability for you to “predict” what type of music your listeners enjoy, based on their thumbs-up or -down of previously heard songs.  Typically, this fares well for me and I’m pleased with your selections.  Something is seriously wrong today, though.  Why exactly, would you think I want to listen to Billy Ocean, Lionel Richie, or whoever is singing that song right now (something OLD and AWFUL with the chorus “I can’t go for that…can’t go for that…can’t go for that?”)?  I caught myself sitting in the bathroom singing “Dancing on the Ceiling” a few minutes ago.  This is unacceptable.


A frustrated listener

P.S. Thank you for your quick response.  Skid Row is a nice change.


6 Responses

  1. Dear “frustrated listener” –

    Sorry about the not-so-easy listening! We hope the Skid Row made up for the dancing-on-the-ceiling, I-can’t-go-for-that blunder. We’ll make it up to you, promise.

    Pandora Radio

    P.S. Here’s a couple of tips that will help us tailor your station:

    – Entering a song to create a station is often better than entering an artist. This is because sometimes artists have broad repertoires. This can lead to some eclectic results.

    – Make sure you thumbs down the songs you don’t like, so we never play them again on that station!

    – To ban an artist from a station, just give two songs by that artist thumbs downs. Keep in mind, this is station-specific; it will only affect the station you’re currently listening to.

    – Let us know if you have any questions or comments. 🙂

  2. Isn’t that Hall & Oates? And how utterly pathetic am I that I could possibly know that?

  3. seriously i cannot believe pandora internet radio commented back!! this blogging thing is hysterical….

  4. I am listening to Pandora as we speak. I just find that ironic. In I CAN go for that. Which would be Hall and Oats, one of my favorites. But then again, my name is LOLcat…so I don’t think my opinion counts much, does it?

  5. Damn they commented back! Props to them. And yeah, that was Hall and Oates. One of the few 80’s pop bands that I can proudly say totally rule! Can’t go for that was one of their lamer tunes though. But Skid Row? Wicked Pissa!!! Sorry, my Boston roots… (wicked pissa is a compliment, by the way).

  6. Ok, WOW again….

    First of alll……any of you on here giving Hall & Oats “props” (dork) are f’n RETARDS. Hall & Oats f’n BLOW. hahahaha

    Oh, and it is pretty trippy that a rep from Pandora did put something on your blog. What do they do… people to just surf the net looking for negative feedback and help out? What does that pay…. $3 an hour?

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