Introducing Mr. Drama…

Well, I guess my floozy 4-yr old decided to take the plunge.  I got to her class today, and she was walking around holding hands, very engrossed in conversation with a boy.  They walked over to me, and the boy proudly told me, “We got married today!”  I looked at Dramamama, and she sort of hid her head in embarrassment, and said “yeah…he’s my husband.”  I’m glad she decided it was time to stop dating multiple people in one day, but I’m afraid this poor boy is just setting himself up for heartbreak.  My new son-in-law (Darby) is not even one of the boys she was flip-flopping between two days ago.  And when I welcomed him to the family, he told me “She was going to marry Christopher P. (the long term bf from the earlier post), but then she thought my sweater was very handsome, so she decided to marry me instead.”  Fickle girl.  But when we left, she confessed that she does still love Christopher P.  Poor Darby is just another one of her rebound boys… *sigh*  When she shared the news about her nuptials with Boog, and he asked why we weren’t invited (a very good question, in fact!), she said “It wasn’t a real wedding, ya know.  But I think Darby thinks it was.  Oh well…no biggie.” 

Snoop Hub…I think we’re gonna be in trouble.


2 Responses

  1. you are interrupting my commenting… your daughter is going to be another elizabeth taylor (happy birthday liz, today) by the time she is six

  2. GOING to be in troube? I think we already are. Can I just hide my eyes and ignore all of this until she’s 30? Ignorance really IS bliss.

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