Monday morning ramblings…

Well, I certainly can’t be expected to get right to work on Monday morning, right? I mean…does anyone really do that? And I have a meeting with my stupid boss in about 15 minutes anyway, so it would just be silly to get engrossed in something right now.

First, I’d like to give a little shout out to my girl, Brit…HOLLA!!! She has enjoyed reading my blog so much, that she did a little advertising campaign of her own via a myspace bulletin. And I happen to have noticed that my site views kinda skyrocketed yesterday. This blog honestly started just as something for me…my little pseudo-therapy. But once I started getting the input from friends that they liked reading it, I thought…what the hell…tell the world. I like entertaining people, and let’s face it…I am hysterical. So if you found your way here by word of mouth from Brit, and you enjoy reading…thank you, and continue on. And comment, dammit…my ego is in need of constant stroking. If you don’t like reading…well, screw you. I didn’t tell you to come here.

Ugh…I am so dreading this meeting with my boss right now. He is such a nerd. We have these stupid clinical supervision meetings once a month, and I never have anything I feel I need “supervised” on. It’s just an hour out of my day completely wasted, that I could be typing a report, preparing client materials, writing a blog… But alas…I’m off to be supervised by a man that looks more like a gay turtle than a human.

So…I’m back from the meeting, and it sucked just as I thought it would.  I think my next order of business (before actually getting to work, which I swear I am planning to do today), will be to find a decent picture of Snoop Hubby Hub (herein referred to as just Snoop) to add to the blog header.  He’s off crying in a corner somewhere because he hasn’t been featured on here…but honestly, I didn’t think he’d want to be.  I had a wonderful picture in mind, but he vetoed that one.  But then again…this is MY blog, dammit.  I can put whatever I want on here, right? Anyway…chill out, Snoop…there will be a pic of you here soon enough.  And in the mean time…keep commenting.  Without heavy doses of praise, I might lose the motivation to keep entertaining the masses.


4 Responses

  1. I thought you had other wonderful things you’d rather do at wok…Hot for teacher..hmmmhmmmm….

  2. You are quite welcome. However, I demand a nickname if I am to be featured in any more of your blogs. How bout “Breaks for Straight Chicks”…or “Loves the *OLD* Ladies”??? L.O.L.

    PS~ It is only right to shout out to your blog. After all, you put up w/ my “blogging” via text every morning about my pornographic, borderline necrophiliac fantasies. ;p

  3. did you call your boss at home last night and warn him you weren’t in the mood for his boring meeting this morning?

  4. Ok, I’d have to say that I am officially DISTURBED right now….. “borderline necrophiliac fantasies”

    EEEWWWW!!!! Brit, you have more issues than I though.

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