My little diva…

I just had a conversation with Dramamama that demanded sharing. And to give you a visual…the diva today:


DM: “Today…in the 4-yr old class (which, mind you, she is in every day, but still feels the need to specify)…I dumped Christopher P. and I laughed.  Is that funny?”

Me: “You dumped him? Like off of a toy or something?”

DM: “No! I dumped him cause I don’t want him to be my boyfriend anymore!”

Me: “How do you know what it means to dump someone?”

DM: “Oh…I don’t know. I just do.” (seriously…is it normal for a 4 year old to know this? I don’t think I did.)

Me: “Well, why did you dump him? I thought you  loved him?” (they’ve been bf/gf for about 2 months…that’s a record among 4 yr olds)

DM: “Oh…I don’t know.  I dumped him and decided that I wanted Clark to be my boyfriend.  But then I dumped him because I decided I wanted to be Christopher C’s girlfriend.  But THEN I dumped him, because I liked Christopher P. again.”

Me: “Wow…all in one day?”

DM: “Yep.”

Me: “You really get around, don’t you?”

DM: “No. It all happened on the playground…I didn’t go anywhere.”

 I’m gonna have to see if this is normal…or am I raising a little floozy here? Thoughts?


2 Responses

  1. i think you are raising a 4 year floozy. seriously she had 3 boyfriends in one day. or maybe she just felt like playing the field after ending her “long term” relationship with christopher p. “from the 4 year old class.”

  2. My girl…..what have you done to my little angel? You know I’m going to blame you for everything she does to torture me with boys over the years. I was a perfect angel to my parents until I hit high school (then it was a different story, but we’re not going there right now)….but YOU….you are have a lot of payback coming your way for what you did to your parents as a young girl. I’m just stuck in the crossfire. DAMN YOU WOMAN!!! I left for Iraq and I had a sweet innocent little angel as a daughter and now THIS! I’m going to come home to boy problems already? At this rate I’ll be a grandpa in no time. Oh, the horror…..the HORROR!!!!

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