Yesterday…no fun

So yesterday pretty much sucked. Aside from the successful pimp of my blog, anyway.  Boog got a new loft bed delivered, which was great, but a big giant pain in my arse.  Despite the desperate pleas from my BFFLMNOP (*quick aside…that’s my best friend. We hate when people abbreviate things like BFF or BFFL, and in a drunken rant about it one night, I came up with that and it kinda just stuck) not to purchase it from someone on Craig’s List (she was pretty convinced a murderous vagabond was going to show up at my house and kill my children), we did.  The family that delivered it was actually very nice, and helped me carry down Boog’s old furniture and put it in the garage (which I had FINALLY been able to park a car in…*sigh*), then carry UP the 9,000 pound loft and put it all together for me.  While I did appreciate their help, I didn’t appreciate the amount of ass crack I saw on the man while he was assembling it. Or the mullet on the wife that was a serious visual distraction.  Or the humiliation when Boog’s bed was moved away from the wall uncovering oodles of hamster turds (we had a hamster that used to escape a lot, and apparently she hid out in there a few times!). But whatever…it got put together, and Boog was SO happy! He got right to work “decorating” the fort like area underneath, and putting together his “office” (it has a desk on the one side…I think he’s actually the most excited about this).  While he was climbing up the ladder, he looked at me with the hugest smile and said:

“I am just SO entained to get this!”

Me: “You’re what?”

Boog: “Entained to get this!”

Me: “En-tained???”

Boog: (with a look of disgust that his mom is such an idiot) “Yes!”

Me:  “OK, then.”

Boog: “What does that mean? Entained?”

Me: “I have no idea.”

Boog: “Oh. Well, I’m that.”

Add it to the dictionary, Mr. Webster.  Entained:  To feel excitement that cannot be described with any other word.  So anyway, Boog and Dramamama played on the bed for the most of the afternoon, I half-napped in the fort part, and we decided to meet up with some friends at McD’s for dinner. Ya know…cause I’m a horrible mom and would actually take them there every night if it weren’t for the whole cholesterol/fat/money thing.  On the way out the door, I stepped in something kinda damp, but assumed it was just one of the giant puddles Fat Dog leaves surrounding their water bowl.  But when I put my shoes on, I caught the distinct odor of dog piss. Fuckers. Actually…no. It’s just fuckER. Skinny Dog is having some sort of psychological issue lately, and does this entirely too often…this time all over my rug in the dining room.  Not sure when she did it, cause it wasn’t WET anymore, so I just had the kids help me rip it out from under the table and I threw it on the front porch.  We went to McD’s…the kids were insane (though I had some adult conversation with someone other than Mullet Mom and Asscrack Dad, which was a bonus)…and we came home. Of course I didn’t take care of the rug, because frankly…I’m TIRED of dealing with dog piss. And it was dark.  Now, the Hub doesn’t think that’s a good excuse, but at the time it made perfect sense to me.  I’m not sure what my excuse is right now tho…it’s not dark anymore, and the rug is still on the front porch. 

 So, we get home, and it’s nearly time for bed, which Dramamama decided to drag out as long as possible.  There’s always something with that child…her foot hurts, her heel hurts, she needs a drink, she thinks she has a fever… She finally shut up, and I go over to do the bedtime routine with Boog.  He’s always a piece of cake, and actually excited to go to bed last night, and as I was tucking him in (which isn’t very comfy to do while on a ladder) and he made me forget about how much the day sucked, by looking at me with the cutest dreamy face poking out from his covers and saying “It feels like I’m up in heaven!” 

                                           Boog in heaven…


One Response

  1. I don’t believe you didn’t tell me anything about ass crack man or mullet lady when we were chatting about the bed. That is f’n hilarious. I wish I could have been there. The bed looks awesome and I can’t wait to hang out with my little buddy in there. We should have gotten the other one for me. We could have put it up in the “playroom” and I could sleep up there when you’re mad at me…. and when you’re not mad at me I can just play. I’m such a big kid.

    WOW, “It feels like I’m up in heaven!” He is so AMAZING. I miss you guys so much. “Entained” that’s weird. It’s like a cross between entertained and excited, or ecstatic. Weird…. Less than 3 weeks and I’ll be in Kuwait on my way out of this shithole.

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