Yay me!

It may have taken me two hours, but dammit….I pimped my blog. Well….I at least put up one of those fancy schmancy things up top (header? Is that what it is?). And yeah…I like it.  You know what else I like? Rock of Love.  Season two has kinda sucked (not really kinda…it totally blows).  But without season two, we wouldn’t have this parody on SNL that I’m watching right now.  Excellent. It’s like the writers have somehow infiltrated my mind, and created exactly what I see when I watch that train wreck of a show.  I love has-been reality TV.


3 Responses

  1. I like the pimping…looks good! Agreed. Rock of Love II is awful. Where did they get these trashy bitches from? Daisy is a walking talking real-life version of that hippie muppet. And the dark haired girl…I forget her name….is a BEAST. W.t.f. Where oh-where are the Heather’s and Jes’s from last season?!

  2. Oh, how I wish I was at home to watch trash tv with you. I really miss you babe.

    WOW, Brit really hit the nail on the head comparing that dopey chick to the stonned muppet. I knew she reminded me of someone/something, but couldn’t quite place it. That’s it…hahahaha too funny. I disagree about the dark haired chick (I think…I only saw like 2 episodes). I think she’s kind of sexy.

  3. Oh, and your blog won’t be officially “pimped” until you get a picture of me on here. I feel a little left out here. I’m going to go sit in a corner and cry now……

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