What’s with the loin cloths?

What, exactly, is the appeal of a strange, badly-in-need-of-a-haircut, kinda retarded man running around a jungle half-naked in a loin cloth? (Boog actually became so obsessed with this at one point that he literally lived in a loin cloth whenever he was inside for about a month…a story better saved for another post…) Tarzan…whoever the kid from the Jungle Book is (Mowgli?)…and George. Stupid George of the Jungle has taken over my children. They are obsessed! Which isn’t actually that bad, because there are episodes on demand (thank God for digital cable/DVR) and they’re only 12 minutes long, so they are WONDERFUL for bribery.  But I just don’t get it. He’s just weird. He’s not even funny! And, of course, the “best” episode is the one that he loses the loin cloth in.  So now I’m watching a slightly retarded, badly animated NAKED man in the jungle. (though he’s cleverly disguised behind leaves and stuff…kinda like when a pregnant actress plays a non-pregnant character and hides behind pillows and stuff, which is really stupid and annoying and kinda insulting to viewers….but I digress) And the kids are just giddy with joy.  I just don’t understand. But perhaps, that’s part of the appeal.  At least it’s only about 6 more minues…


One Response

  1. Come on….what guy wouldn’t like to be Tarzan. You get to run around just about naked in the jungle doing manly shit AND you always get the hot chick. What’s not to like?

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