…is it necessary for someone to change their underwear every night AND every morning? No. It’s not.  But for some reason, Boog has it in his mind that this is the way it HAS to be.  So it’s a battle I’ve chosen not to pick…whatever. But then there are those nights like tonight when I just haven’t gotten around to putting his load of laundry into the dryer yet, and there isn’t another available clean pair.  Boog gets out of the shower, yells down…”Mom! I’m gonna need a pair of clean underwear!”  I told him that I hadn’t dried them yet, so just put on the pair he wore today, and they’d be dry in the morning to change into.  You’d think I asked him to take a shit in them and wear them again.  “Fine then! You want me to be dirty? I just got a shower and have to put on DIRTY underpants? I guess you just don’t care if your son is dirty.” *slamming door*  Wtf?! Seriously?! Maybe if you didn’t wear 74 pairs of boxers a week we wouldn’t run into this problem every once in awhile. 

 Oh my…so that post took about five minutes.  During which time he was quiet in his room…I assumed getting his pj’s on.  Wrong-o, moms.  He just yelled down…thru the tears, mind you, “Mom! I need clean underwear! You want me to be dirty!”  I swear…this OCD needs to GO. Grrr…


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  1. That right there is YOUR boy. My boy wouldn’t care if he wore underwear at all…… You know….just like his Daddy half the time. hahahaha

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